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Eco-friendly Utensils

If you are someone that thinks eco-friendly utensils are a trend and may be a product that you are unsure of the longevity of, Responsible Products is here to shed some light on this pondering thought.

In simple terms eco-friendly utensils pose no harm to the environment versus regular plastic utensils which pose a significant harm to the environment. The functionality of the utensils stays relatively the same, but the environmental impact of both types of utensils is where things take a sharp term.

Why plastic utensils are terrible for the environment.

There are about 40 billion wasted plastic utensils per year in the United States alone. After a single use these plastic utensils are thrown away and end up in our waterways and landfills. Plastic utensils are typically the kind of items that won’t get recycled. Why? Simply because they are too contaminated after use. If you are a user of plastic utensils here is a list of a few things that you will be contributing to.

  • Pollution of waterways
  • Endangered wildlife
  • High carbon footprint
  • Extinction of marine species
  • Degradation of the environment

You might be thinking, “all of this because of a plastic fork” and the sad truth is, yes. Now is the time to join thousands of environment warriors and make the switch to using eco-friendly utensils instead.

Here at Responsible Products, we saw that there needed to be a shift in the types of products that we use. Single use plastic utensils cause too much damaged to the environment and something needed to be done. We set forth to supply eco-friendly utensils.  Our eco-friendly utensils are made from renewable sources, have a high-heat tolerance and are certified compostable. If you're looking for the convenience of disposable products without the environmental impact of plastic, then our compostable cutlery line is the way to go.

Eco-friendly utensils are safe for your health as the materials used are free of harmful chemicals and components. Our customers are at peace knowing they do not expose themselves to dangerous elements caused by pollution. Eco-friendly utensils do not use plastic by-products that release toxic materials.

At Responsible Products, our eco-friendly utensils are eco-friendly, made from renewable plant material. Ideal for cold or hot food up to 200°F, these biodegradable utensils are compostable, durable, and heat resistant. Our organization promotes eco-friendly products because we believe that it is important all of us to make the switch to sustainable products and contribute to a greener lifestyle.


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