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Eco-friendly To Go Containers

Eco-friendly to go containers are the best way to keep your food fresh and well packaged if you want to live a green lifestyle. Responsible Products has takeout containers made from sugarcane plant fiber which are ideal for hot or cold food. These extra strength containers are compostable, durable, soak proof, freezer safe, and have no wax or plastic lining. Our containers are the most sustainable choice for serving breakfast, lunch, or dinner at special events, catered events, takeout restaurants, cafeterias, and cafes. Here at Responsible Products, our eco-friendly to go containers offers three great benefits to our customers like:

  • Sustainable materials used
  • Emphasis on the three R’s
  • A decreased carbon footprint

Within our eco-friendly to go containers the materials used are a lightweight, biodegradable sugarcane plant fiber. Biodegradable means that living organisms are naturally able to decompose a material or substance. The plastic containers in your cupboards are not biodegradable and will take over 400 years for each piece of plastic to decompose vs three to six months with our eco-friendly to go containers.

The three R’s, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle are a main component to a sustainable product. When using our eco-friendly to go containers there are less and lighter materials used during the production stage of our product which reduces the number of raw materials that are extracted from the planet. Packaging of our eco-friendly to go containers can be reused in multiple different ways that can be beneficial to our customers. If our customers don’t have relative use for our eco-friendly to go containers packaging then it can be easily recycled and this will also reduce the impact of extracting new raw materials from our planet.

As a business our mission is to transform the single-use packaging industry through America. Not only are we creating eco-friendly, and sustainable products we also want to make sure that we keep our customers informed. We encourage all our customers to share their eco-friendly tips with us on Facebook and Instagram. Together, we can help inspired other and learn along the way. Make the switch to eco-friendly to go containers today and declutter those cupboards already.



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