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Renewable Food Packaging for the Holidays

Tis the season for Friendsgiving, family gatherings and office holiday parties. As the season starts to approach much thought should go into how one should host such an event. It’s imperative to keep in mind the amount of waste that gets produced during the Thanksgiving to New Year’s holiday is about 25% more during this period. Incorporating renewable food packaging during these events is the best way to keep the waste of these gatherings to a minimum.


Friends giving is the idea to spend an evening with your best or close friends. An evening of enjoying food, laughing and enjoying one another’s company. When hosting an event for your friends it is important to limit the waste that is being produced. Instead of using plastic take out containers, switch to renewable food packaging instead. Friendsgiving celebrations are usually a potluck style party, which minimized the stress from the host and by using renewable food packaging that will take the stress off from the environment as well.

Family gatherings

Family gatherings are one of the warmest and homiest gatherings of them all. Grandmas’ pies and dessert mixed with great food, games and catching up. Tradition is also big during these types of gatherings. One of your traditions might be the use of plastic plates, containers, and cups to help limit the stress from dish washing. We urge you to introduce a new tradition of incorporating renewable food packaging. You’ll end up being the revolutionist within your family and explaining to them why the switch to using renewable food packaging is the best steps in helping to reduce unnecessary waste and is a driving force to push for more green efforts.

Office parties

Office parties around the holidays can either be a hit or miss. We’re hoping that yours is a hit. Food is one the biggest components to a great office party. More times than not the least aspect that gets overlooked is what the food gets placed in. Dishes are not always the most suitable choice. The easiest choice is to use plastic containers to keep and disperse food. We advise you to switch to renewable food packaging. Eco -friendly food packaging offers the same conveniency as plastic containers but with a much better impact on the environment.  It’s important to keep the ecological footprint of office parties to a minimum and making the switch to using renewable food packaging will help reduce that footprint.


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