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Eco-friendly Compostable Quart Sized Bags

At Responsible Products, we enjoy meeting with and connecting with people that are interested in making environmentally friendly choices. We often discuss ways we, as individuals, can limit the waste and pollution we create. One of the topics that comes up often is how to reduce use of plastic bags.


Can making the change from plastic bags to compostable quart sized bags make a difference? The short answer is yes. Just think about the number of plastic bags you use every month. If you made a simple change to your daily routine, the outcome of a compostable quart sized bags vs. traditional plastic is quite different outcome. The compostable quart sized bags return to the earth and the other sits in a landfill.


Today, we are fortunate that compostable bags come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Our favorite product is the compostable quart sized bags from Responsible Products.Compostable quart sized bags are versatile and are often used for food prep storage or if you have leftovers to eat later in the week. The resealable zip on the compostable quart sized food storage bag is the perfect way to ensure your food remains fresh in your pantry, fridge or freezer.


After use, compostable quart sized bags should be rinsed and placed in your compost pile. If you do not have a home compost, we recommend collecting your compostable quart sized bags and dropping them off at a local compost site. The local compost facilities are substantially different from backyard compost piles, as they are required to closely monitor and ensure the conditions are right for composting items such as compostable quart sized bags. The goal for the compost facilities and those that compost at home, is to preserve the soil so it remains healthy for our landscapes, agriculture, and horticulture.


Switching from a plastic quart sized bag to a compostable quart sized bags could be an amazing gift to your kids, grandchildren, and your loved ones. The choices we make today will have a lasting impact for future generations to come. Let’s be the change that ensures a better tomorrow.


compostable quart sized bags




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