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Compostable Storage Bags, We Salute You

Want to know how changing to compostable storage bags are better for our environment? We often read articles on how we, as individuals, can limit the waste and pollution we create. A simple switch from traditional plastic food storage bags, to our eco-friendly alternatives is something anyone can do. 


One way to limit household waste would be through bulk purchases. When you purchase in bulk, there is less packaging and therefore less waste. Another way to reduce waste would be through reusable products. Common reusable products include:


Reusable natural cotton produce bags

Reusable bamboo cutlery set

Reusable stainless steel straw kit


However, the best way to minimize waste is to minimize the use of plastic bags. As a good steward of the environment, we have the responsibility to limit our use of single-use plastic bags. We know that plastic bags are not eco-friendly and will sit in landfills for decades. They are terrible for animals and for our soil. It is time that we make a change from single-use plastic bags to compostable storage bags.


These every-day household products have come a long way in the past fifteen years. Today, compostable storage bags are more durable and come in a variety of sizes. Whether you are packing up leftovers, or packing a snack for your busy day, Responsible Products has a perfect fit bag for you.  You will find we offer environmentally friendly bags for every occasion:


  • Compostable storage bags for sandwiches
  • Compostable storage bags for snacks
  • Compostable storage bags with zip lock closure
  • Compostable trash bags
  • Compostable pet waste bags (doggy poop bags)


For years, we have known that single-use plastic bags are harmful to the environment. Whenever possible, we encourage switching from the traditional plastic bag options to using one of the many compostable storage bags, trash bags or pet waste bags. Transitioning to these earth-friendly products would be a relatively small change in your daily habits. However, in many ways, this small change will have a lasting impact. These products are better for our air quality, soil and pets.


If you have already started using eco-friendly, green bags, we salute you. When you use environmentally approved products, you are making a choice that will benefit the earth and the people that will live here in the future. This is a gift that will be treasured by future generations. A gift they will benefit from every day. 




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