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Renewable Plates for the Holidays

Renewable Plates for the Holidays

In the next few weeks, we all will be gathered around the table with family and friends. Sharing stories, telling jokes and eating great food. Planning a wonderful event like this take times. The stresses of having to decide if you want to use dishes or plastic takeaways can be overwhelming. Let’s be honest who in the world wants a sink full of dishes? This is why purchasing renewable platesis your best bet.

We are all accustomed to running to the stores a day before thanksgiving and purchasing hefty amounts of plastic plates, containers, cups, and utensils. That’s an easy choice because it’s convenient. The not see easy part is understanding how those small, easy and convenient actions can cause huge changes within our environments and eco-systems.

Using plastic plates instead of renewable plates is not the best choice to take. Most plastic plates are coated with means that they can never be recycle even if you don’t eat off them. This indicates that plastic plates just end up in landfills, rotting away and is unable to decompose until about 450 years.

The current state of our environment and eco-systems depends on us to do right now by reducing the amount of plastic we consume. Even during the holidays season. Here at Responsible Products, we offer an array of products like our renewable plates to be able to speak to the conveniences of our customers but also be a little easier on the environment.

The use of renewable plates still allows you to host these holidays gatherings without the burden of needing to wash a sink full of dishes. Using renewable plates also takes the burden off the environment and our ecosystems. By having junk sit on top of landfills toxins enter our water ways and contaminates our soil.

Things are shifting in the right direction as more and more individuals see the value of choosing to use renewable plates as their go to options instead of plastic plates. Plan ahead and figure out how you can make your holidays a little greener.

AT Responsible Products we have got you covered from renewable plates to renewable cups and utensils. Everything you need to host a Green Holiday Party is here. As the holiday seasons starts to sneak up on us, be proactive and purchase your renewable plates and make your holiday season a little more Green.


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