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Renewable Portion Cups

Are you planning on using renewable portion cups at your next get together? If not, you should really consider. Do you ever really think about the amount of plastic that gets accumulated over the year? Ranging from everyday single-use plastic to portion cups for birthday parties, snacks and take out containers.

About 35 billion plastic items gets thrown out every year and only about 25% of that gets recycled. Using plastic can be more convenient for the cleanup process but renewable portion cups are a better route to go. renewable portion cups are very useful and will fit right in with your lifestyle needs, you will hardly notice the switch.

At Responsible Products we’ve got a wide variety of your household products covered for green and durability. We must all do our best to reduce the number of plastic items that we use in our daily lives, as well as those at friend and family gatherings. Our ecosystems will be positively impacted by this, and future generations will thank you for using more ecofriendly items.

Make the immediate impact now towards eliminating toxic plastic waste in the environment and preserving our most precious natural resources. Our renewable portion cups here at Responsible Products are made from renewable plant materials and are 100% compostable and biodegradable after use.

Instead of reaching for that plastic container to pack your kids’ lunch for school, choose a more green option. Introducing renewable alternatives like renewable portion cups to our kids will help drive the push for our future generations to continue making the conscious choice to choose green.

Here at Responsible Products, we have 4oz/5oz renewable portion cups that can be used in a different way. They are durable, soak proof, freezer safe microwave safes and have no wax or plastic lining. It a safe and effective option to add to your household. Our mission is to transform the single use plastic industry and have our customers understand the green is the future and we make sure that we offer our customers the best products that not only will be impactful to their lives, but also to our ecosystems.


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