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Baked Beans at Your Next BBQ

It’s BBQ season and time to start planning the menu for summer gatherings. Biodegradable 3 c plates are the perfect item to keep on hand for any summer BBQ menu.


When our family gets together, we are all about BBQ chicken, corn on the grill and an old family recipe of baked beans. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. With a menu like this, you better have your ducks in a row on the type of plates you are going to use. Serving a meal on plates that leak is a quick way to ruin the fun.


For those of us that grew up going to family BBQ’s, you know that baked beans can get messy. Especially when they are served on the wrong plate. You might just be gifted with a sticky spot on your table or find the gooey residue on your hands. Either way, it’s not ideal. You can trust the eco-friendly, compostable plates from Responsible Products to keep food on the plate, and not all over you.


When planning your next outing, why not include from biodegradable 3 c plates Responsible Products®. These plates are made from sugarcane plant fiber and include a 3-way divider. The 3-way divider is convenient, as it creates the ideal space for a main dish and two side dishes. For individuals who don’t want their food to touch, this is an easy solution and it’s also eco-friendly.


“If you are serving baked beans at your next cook out, you’re in luck. The biodegradable 3 c plates Responsible Products® have passed the soak test. These durable plates keep your beans on your plate and not on your hands.”


Less durable plates will allow foods like baked beans to soak thorough the bottom, but not these plates. Responsible Products® biodegradable 3 c plates are sturdy and durable. Time and time again, they have survived the “soak proof” test. These won’t leave behind a mess and you never have to worry if you end up sitting in a chair with the plate directly on your lap at the summer BBQ. Another perk is that the plates are freezer friendly and great for warming up leftovers in the microwave.


The biodegradable 3 c plates look nice and are functional, but best of all – they are eco-friendly. Made from sugarcane plant fiber, these plates are the most sustainable choice for your next outdoor gathering. Bring joy to those around you and feel good about making an environmentally friendly choice when choosing Responsible Products biodegradable 3 c plates.


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